iPhone Battery Replacement


            A new era of technologically updated smartphone has started. That is the reason every company offers updated and futuristic smartphones every year. From the processing unit to the overall finish of the mobile phones, these are flawless and stylish. Compact and beautiful design gives a premium look. Slim and bezel-less designs have become a trend nowadays. That’s why every brand has its own finishing techniques. The camera technology has been improved and it is further improving. Mobile phones come with triple or quad camera setup. It means it has a powerful processing unit to handle everything smoothly. However, the biggest concern of the user is the durability and battery capacity. With the high-resolution display to a powerful processor, it is the utmost desire of every user to get better battery capacity. That’s why people always suffer from a battery problem and that’s why iPhone battery replacement is important.

iPhone Battery Replacement

            As discussed in the above section, smartphones especially iPhones have very powerful circuitry that requires more power. Apart from the circuitry, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) panels consume a lot of power as they are brighter and effective in delivering the best color accuracy. Also, the triple camera setup is a powerful unit in the new generation of iPhone. Background processing of the camera requires a significant amount of power. These are some of the reason that impacts the battery mostly. However, Apple has designed proficient and long-lasting batteries in their newer models. But in the end, those batteries will die as well.

            iPhone battery replacement is a major requirement of Apple users because the earlier generations didn’t have a good battery system. The plus point is that Apple designed the battery health algorithm in its new iOS that gives numerical value about the health of the battery. A new battery always has battery health of 100% but as long as a user utilizes it this value goes down. As the battery health deteriorates, a user will surely feel the difference between the battery timings of iPhone. Apple suggests that a user should replace the battery if the percentage drops below 80%. The performance will also decrease as the system won’t be able to get optimum power from the battery.

iPhone Battery Replacement in Malaysia

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