iPhone Battery Replacement


            Every electronic product has a limited lifetime. During this lifetime, multiple components are replaced. The reason is the deflated performance and poor user experience with the device. Apple products are renowned worldwide due to their excellent quality. The performance and user-friendly experience of their devices make user excited. With a very powerful Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU); applications run smoothly. However, it is essential to make CPU and GPU energy efficient in order to work with a compact battery pack. Small-sized batteries of iPhones offer an optimal performance of the device. Thus, the battery is one of those components that are consistently bearing various power ratings. That is the reason batteries have a limited timespan and decrease their power rating with time. iPhone battery replacement is therefore recommended for every user whenever the performance graph of a device goes down.

How to Check iPhone Battery Health

            In the outline of this article, the main critics are to imply the necessity of iPhone battery replacement. Conversely, a question that quickly comes into mind that when to alter the battery of an iPhone? It would have been a really difficult question to answer before the introduction of iPhone battery health software. A few years back, you have to judge the performance lag in your smartphone by daily usage. These were some of the important points:

  • System is lagging
  • Taking more time in loading applications
  • Becomes very slow while multitasking
  • Heating problem while using or charging

Heating was a foremost factor that was the indication of inferior battery health and efficiency. Replacing the battery was the only problem before it impacts badly on other components.

Nowadays, iPhone has introduced its battery health software that gives percentage health. It measures battery health on multiple factors and user can check it anytime. iPhone battery replacement is the only solution to resolve such issues. Let’s move to the next section to know about authentic replacement stores.

iPhone Battery Replacement

            Apple store is one of the best battery replacement places however it is unavailable in many areas. There are multiple stores all around the globe that offer premium Apple components e.g., LCD, batteries, cameras etc.

            The trend has now shifted towards online stores and there are millions of such stores. Metfix is a Malaysian online store that provides authentic Apple components with a warranty. A user can simply visit their website and book an appointment. The best thing about Metfix is that they fix Apple products at the user’s doorstep. Therefore, Metfix is a trustworthy online store that offers iPhone battery replacement, iPhone repairs and other useful gadgets.