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            iPhone Battery Replacment Malaysia- If you have been using iPhone for several years you will know that battery is consumable item, an iPhone battery in the end of the day doesn’t perform as well as the time when you got your new iPhone and this is normal.

When Do You Need to Replace Your iPhone Battery

            That’s right, iPhone battery is consumable item hence you will need to change when it’s time has come? How to know when is the time to change the iPhone battery?

           Usually battery can last for 500 cycles. From 100% use till 0% is consider one cycle. One of the easiest way to see is refer to the battery health of your iPhone. Go to Setting>Battery>Battery Health. Usually if a battery health drop below 80% we will suggest you to change your iPhone battery. If you see this sign “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown…” or “Your battery’s healthy is significantly degraded…”, this is definitely an obvious sign that you should replace your iPhone battery.

            Some other sign of battery issue is for example you have to keep plugging in the charger or else your iPhone will shutdown. Or your iPhone battery will go crazy sometimes the battery level from 80% dropped to 20% and go up to 50%, these are the sign of battery issue as well.

iPhone battery replacement Malaysia battery health

iPhone Battery Replacement Malaysia

            So now you know you have to change your iPhone battery, next question is where can I replace my iPhone battery in Malaysia? Metfix is door to door iPhone repair specialist. We can come over to your location and change your iPhone battery within 20-30 minutes. If you are searching for a quick fix for your iPhone, then click here to book an appointment today via website or click here via Whatsapp . iPhone Battery Replacement Malaysia article.

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