iPhone Battery Replacement


            Every problem has a solution in it but the solution can lead to other problems. Technological advancements work on the same principle because these are double-edged swords. Technology has brought hundreds of beneficial instruments to human life. However, the counter impact of technology can’t be tolerated as well. The practical example is the compact size of smartphones that weren’t possible a few years back. But the counterpart is that the durability and reliability of these smartphones have decreased significantly as compared with previous generations of mobile phones. Apart from durability issues, smartphones require powerful battery capacity to perform all day long. So, when a client uses their smartphone beyond the limits; the battery is a common problem for them. Most of the smartphone users often replace the batteries as it affects performance. That’s why iPhone battery replacement is one of the main facilities provided by Apple stores.

iPhone Battery Replacement

            As it is stated in the above section that many iPhone users complain about their battery life. Most of the smartphones including the iPhone have very bright and high pixel density displays that draw more power. Furthermore, the processor and graphical processing unit (GPU) are very powerful that consume a large percentage of battery. Due to both these reasons, iPhones require the best battery system to give an extended performance with a brighter display. iPhone battery replacement has become the demand of many Apple users.

            Keeping in mind this problem of battery alteration, Apple-designed an algorithm for their iPhones to show battery health numerically. When someone purchases a new iPhone that battery health is at a maximum value of 100. As time passes, the battery deteriorates and the battery health percentage also decreases. With this numerical mechanism, the user can simply keep an eye on the health of the battery. If the user feels any performance issue, they can check battery health because the performance of the system is dependant on the provided power. Therefore, changing the battery will solve the problem in most of the cases.

            If the battery health is low and you’re searching for a battery replacement store in Malaysia, then Metfix is the best iPhone repair store. Let’s have a look at the working procedure of Metfix in detail.


            Apple has limited physical stores that are available in a few cities in the world. Therefore, it is a common problem for users to get better repair facilities. Metfix is an online store that provides iPhone repair at your doorstep. iPhone battery replacement is also offered by this company. A user can simply visit the online store and book an appointment. On the assigned date and time, a representative of Metfix will fix your iPhone at your location within 30 minutes. Thus, if you are searching for a verified Apple repair store, visit Metfix to book an appointment today.

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