iPhone Battery


            There are many components in smartphones that require maintenance. However, in some cases maintenance doesn’t work and the only solution is to change them. A Battery is one of those items that define the performance of an iPhone. It gives optimal power back up to the device for processing purposes. Meanwhile, if this power goes down the system will lose its performance. Major components like CPU, GPU and RAM require a specific amount of power and that’s why their performance is dependable on battery life. iPhone took a step to deal with this problem when they introduced battery health feature a few years back. This feature calculates iPhone battery health on various variables and gives a percentage of battery health. Whenever the value decreases a specific percentage, iPhone notifies that the user needs to alter the battery for optimum performance.

Type of iPhone Battery

            With advanced electronics, there are multiple types of batteries. The purpose of each type of battery is different due to their technology. iPhone uses Lithium-Ion batteries that are based on the latest research. It has high power density due to its compact and small size. The charging mechanism is very fast and it lasts longer as well. User needs to understand what are the possible factors to maximize iPhone battery life and performance.

Factors to Maximize Battery Life

            The maximum time before which the battery should be recharged is the battery life of an iPhone. On the other hand, battery lifespan is the time before which it should be replaced with a new one. Though battery health will indeed reduce with time and it will deteriorate with every charge cycle. The chemical age of the battery will decrease with time but some factors should be kept in mind. A user should avoid keeping the iPhone in direct sunlight, hot environment for a longer period. It will badly impact the chemical and physical health of the battery.

How to Change iPhone Battery

            It is recommended to change the iPhone battery before it deflates the performance of the system. The battery health feature on iPhone gives proper guidelines to the users when they need to alter the battery. The question always comes to mind that how and where to change the iPhone battery?

            Official Apple stores are very limited and not available in most of the world including Malaysia. However, there are various authorized dealers like Metfix that offer authenticated part replacement of Apple products. A user can simply book a meeting by using their website (Metfix.my) and they will perform the fix at your doorstep. If you are wandering for a battery replacement; Metfix provides original Apple parts.

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