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            It has been one of the major problems that we don’t even find any iPhone repairing facility nearby. It is tedious to find such services within few kilometres circle. However, with the advancement in technology, it has now become possible. If you are searching for such services near you then this article is exactly what you were thinking about. iPhone repair Kuala Lumpur is going to be the main focus of this article. It will encircle such services around you that may be helpful in iPhone repairing. Hence, this article is going to cover companies that are on top of the list in providing such services in Malaysia. iPhone repair kl is one of the top places where people normally require these conveniences.

iPhone Repair Kuala Lumpur

            Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. Due to a higher population in this country, it really entails countless amenities. Hence, a dense population of the city also generates high competition in service providers. iPhone repair Kuala Lumpur has been a major issue in the past because most people didn’t find authentic companies. However, online services have become a simple yet effective way to hire any company to repair your iPhone. Most of the companies will also approach you at your doorstep and repair it within 20-30 minutes. Companies also have a website to provide you with incisive information.

iPhone Repair kl

There are different companies with diverse pricing that provide nicety of iPhone repair kl. Though there are numerous companies working in Malaysia offering these services the main target is Kuala Lumpur city. The major problem is that various service providers don’t fulfil the needs of the people of kl. Hence, iPhone repair kl specifically focuses on such iPhone repair Kuala Lumpur. So, let’s have a brief introduction of iPhone repair service providers.

Metfix iPhone Repair Kuala Lumpur

            Metfix is one of the best companies in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia that has promised timely and authentic services in the country. This online business structure has built its reputation rapidly mainly due to their quality of work. The main focus of their service is to deliver user-friendly and best iPhone repair. iPhone repair Kuala Lumpur and iPhone repair kl are the main workstreams of Metfix. Moreover, there are providing 9 different types of repair of iPhone that are listed below:

  1.  Headphone Jack
  2.  Charging Port
  3.  Home Button
  4.  Side Buttons
  5.  Camera
  6.  Power Button
  7.  Screen
  8.  Battery
  9.  Won’t Turn On

The list includes almost all the possible failures that perhaps require iPhone repair amenity. The prices depend merely on the type of problem. For example, a home button, charging port and headphone jack have cheaper prices. Contrary, camera, screen and battery have higher charges and more time as well. However, Metfix also offers 6 months warranty of their work done or accessory used in the repairing.

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