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            Today, different companies are competing against each other to produce a compact yet durable smartphone. However, every race only has one winner, and many competitors are trying to beat each other. iPhone and Samsung are the hottest competitors present in the smartphone market. Both the companies have produced pretty smooth and heavy processed smartphones that have the extensive processing power. The primary question arises at the durability of a smartphone that is it able to survive an accidental drop. Most of the people also face difficulty when they need any repairment for their mobile. Individually, the iPhone users are more conscious about this thing. Hence, there are different companies are operating all over the globe that fixes your iPhone at your doorstep. iPhone repair Malaysia, there are such companies in Malaysia too. Let’s dive into the details of such iPhone fixing companies in Malaysia.

iPhone Repair Malaysia

            ‘iPhone repair Malaysia’ is a term that is used for the iPhone repair companies operating within Malaysia. Numerous companies have different price packages. However, the level of satisfaction of repair is all that matters in such cases. Hence, these companies normally offer discounts, professional repair and repaired item guarantee. Let’s jump to the next section to have an understanding of the working procedure.

            Multiple companies are working that usually offer iPhone repair in Malaysia. The process of each company is almost similar. All the companies operating in Malaysia have a website where you can quickly get a quotation or booking.

            Metfix is one of the best companies working in Malaysia. This company typically offer iPhone, iPad, and MacBook problem fixes. However, the primary focus of the company is to provide a better environment for iPhone repair Malaysia. They have the latest gadget to fix your iPhone in just a few minutes. Some of the usual fixes that Metfix offer are given below:

·         Headphone Plug

·         Charging Port

·         Home Button

·         Side Buttons

·         Camera

·         Power Button

·         Screen

·         Battery

·         Won’t Turn On

            If you want to use the service of this company, you have to follow a few steps. They fix all the iPhone models above iPhone 5. However, here are some of the essential steps to remember for a fruitful iPhone repair Malaysia:

·         Visit the online website or portal.

·         Select the iPhone category first.

·         Select the problem with your iPhone, which is also given above.

·         If the issue lies in the given fixes, then you can apply for repair services.

·         Now, you can go to the services page.

·         Select your iPhone model.

·         The company only offers ten bookings per day, and you can book anytime in the next three working days.

·         Moreover, if you want a quotation, you can apply for it with your problem. The customer service will reply you back in a few hours.


A representative of the company will come to your doorstep and fix the described problem in 20-40 minutes. The time depends on the type of task because an extensive work requires more time to do it neatly. Hence you must try these iPhone repair Malaysia, and I believe they won’t disappoint you.

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