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Nowadays, hundreds of smartphones release every month with different features. The competition in this industry has been on the run for a while because people like the technological race. Technology has brought sudden changes to various aspects of the smartphone industry from their upgraded processing power to their screen coating that protects it from any scratch or drop. Screen protection and protection of the outer body of a smartphone was a major problem a few years back. However, with the technology of Gorilla coating and Oleophobic coating, mobile screens are protected. Moreover, it has been a significant issue for smartphone users that they don’t find any repair workshop near them. The sole purpose of this article to highlight the iPhone repair shops operational around the globe. Also, this article is only about iPhone or Apple users.

iPhone Repair Shop

When the technology updates, many technical factors of an industry changes with it. A few years back, Apple had the problem to produce high-performance yet durable and compact smartphones. Nevertheless, they have accomplished their goal in the last several years, and they have developed one of the best screen coatings. No doubt, technology is blessing and curse in the meantime, making one point stronger might alter the performance of other. The production of Apple iPhones is yet effective, and these have the best benchmark scores as well.

The problem for their users starts when they don’t have any iPhone repair shops near them. It was a critical problem in the past for most of the company like Apple and Samsung. However, they copped this issue very soon and developed many physical stores all around the world. These physical stores take back the iPhones or any other Apple gadget and repair it on their assembly unit. Still, the problem of accessibility increased with the inflated number of Apple users. Then, Apple gave license to many local iPhone repair shops to eliminate this shortcoming.

After sometime, after the enhancement in internet and web technology, the effectiveness of physical stores just vanished. Online stores replaced most of these physical stores because they have more substantial ease of access circle. Moreover, the working capability of such stores is more precise as compared with a physical store. Online stores also provide the service of repairment at your doorstep within 20-30 minutes. These are hundreds of online iPhone repair shops in Malaysia as well, and Metfix is one of the most growing firms in this industry.

Metfix (iPhone Repair Shops)

Like the many other online stores, Metfix offers various services related to iPhone, Mac, and iPads. You can easily visit their online store and book your appointment to repair your any Apple device. They will come at your doorstep and perform that fix within the given time limit. The prices are quite lower, and Metfix also provides six months warranty to any replaced component.

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