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It has been one of the biggest problems for the smartphone users that these aren’t solid devices. Although these gadgets have a compact design but reliability and chances to survive after a plunge are very low. However, there are different reasons behind it but this is a negative impact that smartphones have. Moreover, the infinity and bezel-less displays also make it prone to any damage. That also implies on Samsung and Apple devices as well. The main focus of this article is on Apple devices because the iPhones are the most expensive smartphones in the world. More specifically, the article is all about iPhone screen repair. Different modern-day techniques and technology enhancements will be part of this article.

iPhone Screen Protection Coating

As described earlier, iPhones are the costliest smartphone amid others. However, every company is working on different technologies to produce a coating that can provide a protective layer. For example, the use of Corning Gorilla glass has become very common and it provides flexibility and reliability as well. Nevertheless, Apple uses an oleophobic coating to protect screen to avoid iPhone screen repair. They also claim that it is harder and more flexible than Corning gorilla glass. Yet, the main question is, will it prevent any accidental damage to the screen or not? The possible answer can be yes or no because it depends on the situation but most of the time screen crashes. Thus, the problem inflates when users don’t have facility around them to replace or repair it from an authentic company. So, let’s have a look at some of the facilities that companies are providing.

iPhone Screen Repair

Most people find it arduous to replace and repair the screen of their iPhone. Most of the time they locate an unauthentic and fake company that totally demolishes the premium look and functioning of iPhone. Hence, if you are looking for iPhone screen repair then nowadays you have different services at your door. Most of the companies are spreading their online services in every country that provide screen repair amenities at your door. Metfix is one of that company that is working in Malaysia that offers such services as well. They have different workers that deliver the facility of iPhone screen repair in just 20 minutes.

Moreover, the authenticity is always a big trouble for most of the users. However, Metfix has got reputation quickly because they have promised to provide 6 months warranty and better user experience after the repairmen as well. To check the eligibility of your iPhone model, look at the table below provided by Metfix.

Click on the relevant iPhone model to avail company services.

Serial NumberiPhone ModeliPhone Screen Repair
1iPhone XApple iPhone X
2iPhone 8 PlusApple iPhone 8 Plus
3iPhone 8Apple iPhone 8
4iPhone 7 PlusApple iPhone 7 Plus
5iPhone 7Apple iPhone 7
6iPhone 6s PlusApple iPhone 6s Plus
7iPhone 6sApple iPhone 6s
8iPhone 6 PlusApple iPhone 6 Plus
9iPhone 6Apple iPhone 6
10iPhone SEApple iPhone SE
11iPhone 5CApple iPhone 5C
12iPhone 5SApple iPhone 5S
13iPhone 5Apple iPhone 5


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