iPhone Screen Replacement


            Apple has the most demanded product line-up in the electronics industry. The reason behind their success is the customer relationship. They develop competitive devices for their customers. The main focus of this writing will be on the iPhone that is the best selling product from Apple. Samsung and Huawei are the two top competitors in the smartphone industry. All of the three companies have amazing smartphones. From the user’s point of view, a smartphone should have the best camera, display, design, and durable glass. These are the prime requirement of all the users because the design language of the smartphone reflects their personality. Currently, all three companies have a bezel-less design and all of them look beautiful. But there is one major shortcoming with such sleek design that the durability of those mobiles will be inefficient. iPhone screen replacement, however, becomes an essential part of iPhone’s users.

iPhone Screen Replacement

            Due to compact designing and curved screen, it is a difficult job to make a smartphone durable as well. Samsung and Huawei use Corning Gorilla Glass to protect their screen from any damage. The curved edges on Samsung smartphones make them vulnerable to any accidental damage. On the other hand, Apple uses Oleophobic coating for the protection of screen. The technology is updated every year to improve the protection. However, the chances of accidental damage are always there as the corners are exposed to iPhones.

            Hence, the accidental damage results in screen breakage. It is the weakest component of an iPhone. So, plenty of users require iPhone screen replacement every year. For this purpose, clientele can visit the Apple store near them to fix the issue. The problem is that there are few Apple stores all around the globe. However, there are several authenticated Apple repair shops all over the world. It is recommended to prefer the Apple store over the authenticated shop.

            Furthermore, a new trend has started nowadays and people like it. There are many online stores that also provide Apple repair facility including iPhone. They fix the problem at your given location within a limited time period. Metfix provides iPhone screen replacement and other fixes in Malaysia. Let’s have a look at this company in more detail.


            Metfix is a Malaysian online store that works on the same idea of fixing electronic products at the doorstep of the client. They have built their reputation quickly and that’s why they have an exceptional satisfaction rate in Malaysia. User can simply visit their website to book an appointment. They have limited fixes on each date.

            Simply visit this website, and click on book an appointment. State the issue and fix it that you need from the corporation. A representative will be there on time at the given location to fix the issue. The process will only take 20-30 minutes based on the type of fix that you want.

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