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Today’s smartphones are stylish and marvelously designed devices. The bezel-less and infinity display is ubiquitous that also provides the premium finish. However, many problems result in different disastrous situations. The slim smartphones usually have a very compact design with Nano-meter technology that causes the durability problems. Most of the time, the screen of a smartphone is damaged that also destroys the touch panel under it. Hence, this article is all about the iPhone screen replacement tips that can play a vital role in fixing your iPhone. Let’s dive into the details of some quick fix methods and few companies that are working on it.

iPhone Screen Replacement Malaysia

Most of the iPhone users often face this problem. No doubt, the screen is the more sensitive and useful part in the iPhone. However, numerous iPhone screen replacement techniques can be used by an expert or a layman. Firstly, a quick method to change the screen of your iPhone is discussed.

iPhone Screen Replacement Malaysia at Home (DIY)

You only need a few components to start the process of iPhone screen replacement. Though, some precautionary steps must be considered to have a safe substitution. The steps for this alteration are illustrated below:

  1. Power off your iPhone before initiating the process.
  2. The battery must be under 25% to prevent any accidental explosion.
  3. Firstly, remove the Penta-lobe screws that have a diameter of 3.6mm.
  4. After that, you need iSclack to remove the screen panel safely.
  5. Place the iSclack on your iPhone and then press it.
  6. It opens the panel from one side. Attach the iSclack near the home button to carefully remove the panel.
  7. If you don’t have iSclack, then use the suction cup to open it.
  8. Open the iPhone and remove the battery connectors. It is the most crucial step in iPhone screen replacement.
  9. Moreover, remove the cable screws of the front.
  10. Disconnect the battery to have a harmless repairing. Puncturing the cell can be disastrous.
  11. Disconnect the data cable or display and digitizer.
  12. Now, separate the front panel from the rear case and remove the home button.
  13. Remove the home button cable carefully before dispatching home button.
  14. The home button is the last step, and now you can replace the screen with a new
  15. After altering the screen, follow these points in reverse order to complete the process of iPhone screen alteration.

iPhone Screen Replacement Malaysia Companies

The trend changes with time, and today different companies are working around you. The sole purpose of these enterprises is to offer different fixes for your iPhone. Metfix is one of the best company working in Malaysia that is providing iPhone screen replacement, iPhone home button issues, camera issues and many others.

            Moreover, you can easily book a time when you are free, and they will come and fix your iPhone at the specified place by you. The process can take 20-60 minutes because the hired experts know these type of fixes. So, don’t wait and book their services for your iPhone now.