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iPhone SE2 That Looks Like An iPhone X?

The are rumors questioning will iPhone SE2 launching this year at WWDC 2018 or the Autumn New Product Launch? Recently the Japanese media company, Macotakara, shared an article from Weibo users. The title indicated that it is an iPhone SE2, but the specifications displayed by the video is quite low therefore unlikely to be true.

iPhone SE 2 Fake

From the video, we can see that this is a design that imitate the feature of iPhone X full-screen and removal of the home key feature. The way the outer frame operates is also similar to the iPhone X. Click twice to turn on the screen. There are vertical twin lenses at the back.

But this will not be a real iPhone SE 2. After all, iPhone SE product positioning as an entry-level model, so Apple will not adopt the latest specifications of the iPhone X. Almost 100% affirmed that this is a phone running with Android system, only it copy the appearance of iPhone X and iPhone SE.

BGR got these two iPhone SE 2 pictures below from other channels, but this picture was shared out a week ago before the video. This is surely a deliberate intention from counterfeit market to release the propaganda coincidence.

iphone se 2 fake 2

As for will the real iPhone SE 2 be launching soon? From the end of last year, there have been a lot of rumors and gossips that have been flowing out. There have been some news that it will be launched this year at WWDC 2018 but then has been postponed until June. So we shall awaits and based on the actual published news from Apple as finals.

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